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Illegal Immigration

I thought I would look for your insight on the topic. A friend on facebook recently 'liked' this topic

"Illegal immigration is not a new problem, Native Americans used to call it 'White People'."...

I responded with the following message
i don't know if i like this one.... This particular sarcastic message evokes hatred due to the comparison with the past... Looking back at history, the native americans were slaughtered and I imagine feared for their lives because of how the 'white man' invading their country treated them while taking over their country, not to mention the fact that the invaders were far superior 'technologically' speaking to that of the native americans. It was an uneven match.

With 'liking' that statement, are you saying that you are drawing the same comparison? Do you feel that we are being taken over forcefully? Are you fearing for your life? OR is there another view point to that statement that perhaps I'm not seeing?

I do agree however that illegal immigrants should seek legal means for getting into the country, but i do not feel that message you 'liked' accurately depicts your stance (or at least not my stance) on the subject.

But it got me thinking just exactly what the difference of opinion was and if people are actually literally 'liking' that statement because they are in fact fearful...

Ok discuss.
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