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I'm not dead. I have been way too busy with college and all.

So, my college, fairly liberal. I like an academic challenge like Berea College though.

But I think they take the whole acceptance thing a bit too far. I'm a conservative Christian, one of the very few here at this college I may add.

I do think some of the liberals take it too far. Shoot, back in January they went to that march on washington where they reminded the new democrat congress that the were elected to stop the war. Man when will some people cease to confuse me?

And don't get me started on how some of them slam coal miners. As a grandson of a retired and deceased coal miner, I don't like that.

Sometimes I am tempted to find a pro-Republican shirt and where it around.

I love it here but seriously. I'm tired of getting laughed at by self-righteous liberals in my general studies courses everytime I say something conservative in a presentation. I'm tired of having to be politically "correct" in fear of offending someone.

There are advantages and disadvantages to here. Great music program, which is why I came here. We all have to have jobs on campus, therefore allowing us to work for our money responsibly. Everything on campus is pretty much "right there", making it not so confusing. They have a Baptist Campus ministry, but I can't make it to the meetings.

Disadvantages, freshmen can't have cars on campus because there aren't enough spaces for us. There are a lot of self-righteous liberals.

But you run into liberals everywhere.

But I don't go here because of political views, though I have my opinions. I go here to get an education. Just respect my views.
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