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Thursday, July 26th, 2012
12:01 pm - The Nation’s Most Courageous Republican

Exclusive: Larry Klayman praises House candidate who went toe-to-toe with Islamists

I have been a lawyer and public-interest advocate in Washington, D.C., for 35 years and can tell you that there is not one congressman or senator currently serving in Congress who has the patriotic guts of Joe Kaufman. Joe is running for the U.S. House seat of the ultra-leftist and sleazy Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in South Florida’s 23rd Congressional District.

When I first met Joe, in 2003 while I was running for the U.S. Senate in Florida, he volunteered to help my campaign. After it ended, Joe worked for me as an expert on lawsuits such as the one that challenged the building of a radical Islamic mosque in the Ft. Lauderdale area. From personal experience, I can attest to Joe’s courage.
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Thursday, September 16th, 2010

               The reference to the European Court of Human Rights hasn't helped.

              In connection with the arisen questions concerning death of my spouse I want to explain that my estimation in this part purely subjective, proceeding from that emotional condition in which I am now. Therefore, to avoid unreasonable conclusions I will try to be based on the facts.
              To understand an event it is necessary to start with the previous events, (which already were) and the subsequent (which will be after that).
              Shortly before death of my wife, she made a complaint to the authorities concerning poor-quality medical aid. She reached the European Court of Human Rights, and on May, 27th, 2010 her complaint is registered as the Complaint № 11152/10 Yelaeyva v. Russia. From an applied copy of the notice of Secretary of the European Court of Human Rights under human rights from May, 27th, 2010 it is visible. he asked Court to recovery of money for medical aid necessary for her, and to compensate moral damage which was caused by poor-quality medical aid.
              Next, my wife has died in the hospital. The reference to the European Court of Human Rights hasn't helped for her.
               Now we will return to some events which were before. Both incidents with multiton car "KAMAZ" directly are connected with my wife, as in both cases I under her request carried her on the my personal car, and in the second case she also was in my car. The first of incidents — is attack by multiton car "KAMAZ" on February, 17th, 2010. The second of incidents — is repetition on July, 15th, 2010.
              However, the fatal role has played is especially long illegal criminal prosecution under the relation to me on forged criminal case № 14794.
              Next, I consider that this sort of events will occur and further, from a permission and with the connivance of the authorities. As the death of my wife it too result of a policy, and she is the next victim of political system.
             Example of the reference to the European Court of Human Rights proves absence of legal modes of protection.
             For protection of the my life the departure from Mordovia I do not exclude. 

             Lawyer Elaev Ivan Aleksandrovich, Russia, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru

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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

              Being on hospitalization in hospital of Saransk of Republic Mordovia on September, 9th, 2010 has died my wife Elaeva.
              I want to express gratitude to everyone who has helped to organize funeral, and has rendered sympathy and support at mournful o'clock of heavy, irreplaceable loss.

              Lawyer Elaev Ivan Aleksandrovich, Russia, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru

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Thursday, September 9th, 2010

              In the my article «THE MORDOVIAN OFFICIALS DO NOT NEED THE HUMANITARIAN HELP» (!!! On Russian language !!!) from 9/3/2010 was informed one more proof that interests of the simple people are alien to the authorities of Mordovia expressed in seating on a rubbish dump in vicinities of capital of Mordovia of cargo of the humanitarian help for those who has lost all in a fire. I had been made the message to go to this rubbish dump and to make photos of the thrown out cargo.
              However, in it I was already outrun by program "Vesti" (the popular news program on Russian TV)

              On their video it is visible that on the rubbish dump have thrown out things intended for that who has lost all in fire, more than it is possible to put in multiton car "KAMAZ".
              Here the next proof, that the authorities of Mordovia neglects interests of the people. The guarantor of the Constitution of Republic Mordovia Merkushkin should bear responsibility for this first of all. Only for this fact it is necessary to demand its resignation from a post of the Head of Republic Mordovia, and this offer is directed to the President of the Russian Federation. 

Lawyer Elaev Ivan Aleksandrovich, Russia, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru

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Wednesday, September 1st, 2010
2:33 am - About a freedom of expression in Mordovia

             According to article 10 of The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right includes the freedom to hold opinions, and to receive and impart information and ideas without any intervention from state structures.
            I will speak about some examples of absence freedom of expression in Mordovia now. I quote criminal case materials № 14794 which was fabricating on me in 1998 year, a 8 years long, in the absence of crime structure. On criminal case pages 82-84 № 14794 there is a decision from August, 31st, 1998 about excitation of the petition for prolongation of term of preliminary investigation on criminal case № 14794 till 5 months, that is till November, 5th, 1998. The decision has been made by the chief of investigatory department Kochkurovsky ROVD. In the decision the illegal argument about performance of a crime by me has been specified, and the head of research department Kochkurovsky ROVD asks the public prosecutor of republic Mordovia to prolong the term of preliminary investigation on criminal case № 14794 for five months, so that to collect characterizing material and to bring charge to me. The public prosecutor of Republic Mordovia Senkin P.Е. has given the consent on September, 3rd, 1998 for illegal attraction me to a criminal liability also has prolonged preliminary investigation terms on criminal case № 14794. I will write for an example of the citation from this decision about prolongation of term of preliminary investigation so that it was clear why me so assiduously pursued on this criminal case. Here that public prosecutors and interrogators have counted illegal. Literally: "...together with Elaev I.A., together at entrances of 4 floor houses, scattered newspapers ..., so that inhabitants didn't vote for the head of Republic Merkushkin N..."
             Really, whether it is possible to agitate against Merkushkin's election by the head of Mordovia?
             Really, whether it is possible to agitate against Merkushkin's election by the head of Mordovia?Collapse )

Lawyer Elaev Ivan Aleksandrovich, Russia, phone: +79510538999, e-mail: I.A.Elaev@mail.ru

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Thursday, August 26th, 2010
10:49 pm - Illegal Immigration

I thought I would look for your insight on the topic. A friend on facebook recently 'liked' this topic

"Illegal immigration is not a new problem, Native Americans used to call it 'White People'."...

I responded with the following message
i don't know if i like this one.... This particular sarcastic message evokes hatred due to the comparison with the past... Looking back at history, the native americans were slaughtered and I imagine feared for their lives because of how the 'white man' invading their country treated them while taking over their country, not to mention the fact that the invaders were far superior 'technologically' speaking to that of the native americans. It was an uneven match.

With 'liking' that statement, are you saying that you are drawing the same comparison? Do you feel that we are being taken over forcefully? Are you fearing for your life? OR is there another view point to that statement that perhaps I'm not seeing?

I do agree however that illegal immigrants should seek legal means for getting into the country, but i do not feel that message you 'liked' accurately depicts your stance (or at least not my stance) on the subject.

But it got me thinking just exactly what the difference of opinion was and if people are actually literally 'liking' that statement because they are in fact fearful...

Ok discuss.

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Friday, September 26th, 2008
5:41 pm - Tonight's debate

So... how do you think it'll go tonight?

By the way, dunno if any of you guys remember who the Emergency Broadcast Network were, but they were this sort of political leaning art group... and now they're called Eclectic-method...

anyway, they did this video remix of InnerPartySystem's "Don't Stop" video that is very very very timely for tonight's debate.

Check it:

And then you can do your own remix:

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Thursday, September 11th, 2008
10:33 am - Education At The RNC

EDin08 was at the recent GOP Convention. Check out the Education coverage from the convention
Coverage and Photos here from the RNC
Article about the Republican Education Forum

Are You Smarter Than An 8th Grader? Click Here to take the quiz and see how you stack up and where our 8th graders stand in the world

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Friday, August 31st, 2007
11:52 pm - Healthcare

Although I don't agree that American's don't have access to healthcare, I will agree there are people uninsured. However if you refer to posts I've made many moons ago, many of the between eight and forty-five million uninsured in America are illegal immigrants who make up somewhere between fifteen and twenty million(the uninsured number is according to wikipedia not my previous data and is between 2.5%-15% of the total US population). Many of the remainder are people under the age of 30 who have few health problems requiring medical intervention and don't need or want to pay for health coverage.

Now mind you the elderly and disabled are covered with hospitalization and prescription coverage by Medicare and the poor by Medicaid. Even those who need emergency surgeries but don't generally meet Medicaid requirements can get temporary access for those situations (I have an example if you doubt me). On top of that Meijer offers a number of free antibiotics, WalMart (yes evil though many of you think it is) offers the top 400 Medicare prescriptions (not yet nationwide) for $4 per prescription. Plus every major pharm company offers discounts and significantly reduced drugs if you simply call them for their free discount cards.

Also don't tell me poor people can't afford insurance because I obtained private insurance through Blue Care Network for $80 billed six times per year, which has a thousand dollar deductible. If you can afford to smoke, drink, club, have fully featured cable TV, high speed internet, gamble, cell phones, or maintain any other vice, then you can afford eighty bucks every two months for insurance (at least if you get the plan I got). Plus if you're truly "poor" or "low income" and especially if you have a "dependant" you have access to free and/or greatly subsidized housing (provided by me and you thank you very much). Additionally if you are "poor" or "low income" you get free food via foodstamps to further offset your income allowing you more purchasing power for things like insurance (Bridge Card for you in Rio Linda). By the way, I had access to the bridge card for 2003-05 though I didn't accept it (the point here being I doubt any of you would consider me poor).

The problem is that people are so inundated with blanket statements by politicians and news outlets that proclaim healthcare is outrageous, out of reach, completely unattainable if the government or your employer doesn't pay every drop of it that people simply take those statements as gospel. Even when I've brought up the fact that I obtained private, individual coverage simply by flipping through the yellow pages and making a couple calls to insurances companies my coworkers at the ER looked upon me with amazement. It would never have occured to them to try to get insurance directly rather than through the hospital. Americans have been brainwashed to believe that not only is healthcare an entitlement (i.e. something you should get for free) but the only way to get it is if someone else makes sure it's paid for (your employer or your government). I can't help rolling my eyes at people bitching about a ten dollar copay. It's like saying Cingular and Verizon shouldn't charge you overages when you go over by $500 simply because you've never gone over before.

Further thanks to a little ACT passed 21 years ago this year called EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) everyone has immediate and unquestioned access to healthcare and medicine regardless of ability to pay. Simply stroll into an emergency room whether you're simply drug seeking, or drugged up/boozed up and need a bed to sleep in and some IV fluid bolus with multivitamin additives, or you have an itchy crotch, a leaky/dischargy crotch, or some odd rashy crotch, or you have a genuine emergency you will be seen and receive any and all treatment. YAY! No more making an appointment with a Dr. By the way guess where the hospitals that are able to stay open shift the cost of caring for those who don't pay? Onto those who pay their bills!

Thanks to EMTALA and the burden of not enforcing our immigration laws leading to the influx of illegal immigrants we incur serious problems to our healthcare system. About 90% of illegal immigrants are uninsured. Over one-third of all hospitalizations for illegal immigrant Latinos were for childbirth--costing between $7,000 to $18,000 each. This childbirth hospitalization rate is twice as high as the rate for all other women in the U.S.. Seven to twelve percent of illegal immigrants reported they had been hospitalized at least once overnight or longer in the U.S. during the last 12 months. Nationally, 8.5 percent of adult Latinos were hospitalized in the previous 12-month period. An article by medical lawer Madeleine Pelner in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons concluded that the burden of illegal immigrants on the health care system in the US has forced many hospitals to close due to unpaid bills and the unfunded mandate of EMTALA . Between 1993 and 2003, 60 hospitals in California alone were forced to close, and many others had to reduce staff or implement other procedures which reduced the level of service they could provide. The article attributes most of these closings mainly to illegal immigration and their uncompensated medical costs (This paragraph and it's data obtained from wikipedia on the EMTALA page).

There are problems with America's health system, but I believe it's mostly that people are allowed to be completely unaccountable for their health until it is so poor their fellow citizens get to take care of them. We should switch away from treating when you're sick, to preventing you from getting sick. That's when people get into trouble. You develop an expensive, economically catastrophic illness requiring intensive, expensive medical intervention. Where do you turn? Big Brother. The answer isn't to tear it down and hand it over to a bloated bureaucracy. Simple things to do to improve matters are health savings accounts allowing you to use pretax money to put aside to save for all your health needs. In addition deregulating interstate health insurance and allowing for nationwide pools rather than state or local insurance groupings would greatly increase the number of people considered when setting rates which would inevitably lower premiums by not concentrating the insurance pools.

But that will be another post. Let's stick to our current system versus universal, single payer, big government systems. I believe that most if not all of you more than likely know little to nothing about how Canada/European systems run. I realise the news and liberals run around praising all other healthcare systems and poo-poing on America's but those are just bandwagon slogans. I've been told a few times by classmates/associates/coworkers about "friends" who either are or know people from other countries that profess the wonders of universal health systems but I doubt those people have actually needed extensive care in those systems.

I've run accross a simple website which gives facts and figures of Canadian/UK/Europe citing the facts of life in these systems being: waiting lists, massive governemental controls, rationing of care, huge taxation on income with massive shortfalls in ability to pay for care, and their numerous other downfalls that match my own research. So rather than be regurgitating the info, I urge you to look at it yourself. It will be an eye opening contrast to the drivel Americans are currently flooded with.

Here's the link: http://www.healthcare-america.org/index.cfm

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Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
9:50 am


I was just curious, who do you think will influence Obama's or Hillary's education platform? sorry, if this is an obvious question, but i'm just trying to get caught up.

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Monday, February 26th, 2007
1:45 am - Masters Degrees for IR undergrads...

So, while I do have an interest in International Security, I've realized that I have an enduring fascination with achieving that through soft power, international economics, and studying democracy building. Here are the programs I've been looking at for my Master's and am very interested in thus far:

Institute for World Politics: Statecraft and World Politics, specialization in Democracy Building
American University: International Economic Relations**
American University: International Political Economy
Georgetown University: Security Studies

** This I had not thought of until today. I am currently taking a 500 level course on the Economics of European Integration, and working on a lot of Budget issues in the European Parliament... I have already taken Macro and Micro a long time ago, although I didn't do very well because I wasn't very focused. I am a bit obsessed with strategic formations of trade unions similar to (but not as political as) the European Union throughout the rest of the world, resulting in the paralysis of military activity within those zones (see the Schuman Doctrine). I could specialize in the trade-offs between Political and Economic gains in policymaking, but I am still afraid that this degree might either put me on a path toward a more economic career or make me ineligible for hire in the State Department and other Foreign Policy fields entirely. Getting the degree in International Political Economy would be slightly more kosher and historical, and less technically economic, but it also might make me.. well, not as special. Also, of course, with my interests being primarily Turkey and Iran, I'm not sure how important it is that my degree name reflect that, as long as my thesis does.

What are your thoughts on these programs? Are there any others you know about in DC that I should be considering (ruling out GW as far too expensive, of course)?

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Saturday, February 24th, 2007
3:15 pm - hey

I'm not dead. I have been way too busy with college and all.

So, my college, fairly liberal. I like an academic challenge like Berea College though.

But I think they take the whole acceptance thing a bit too far. I'm a conservative Christian, one of the very few here at this college I may add.

I do think some of the liberals take it too far. Shoot, back in January they went to that march on washington where they reminded the new democrat congress that the were elected to stop the war. Man when will some people cease to confuse me?

And don't get me started on how some of them slam coal miners. As a grandson of a retired and deceased coal miner, I don't like that.

Sometimes I am tempted to find a pro-Republican shirt and where it around.

I love it here but seriously. I'm tired of getting laughed at by self-righteous liberals in my general studies courses everytime I say something conservative in a presentation. I'm tired of having to be politically "correct" in fear of offending someone.

There are advantages and disadvantages to here. Great music program, which is why I came here. We all have to have jobs on campus, therefore allowing us to work for our money responsibly. Everything on campus is pretty much "right there", making it not so confusing. They have a Baptist Campus ministry, but I can't make it to the meetings.

Disadvantages, freshmen can't have cars on campus because there aren't enough spaces for us. There are a lot of self-righteous liberals.

But you run into liberals everywhere.

But I don't go here because of political views, though I have my opinions. I go here to get an education. Just respect my views.

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Friday, February 9th, 2007
2:17 pm - Paid Internship!

Paid Internships!Collapse )

I sent my resume yesterday, had a phone interview today, and got offered one of the positions!

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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
3:44 pm - College Republicans send Blanco tissues for 'crocodile tears'




(I'm one of the Presidents of the 15 chapters in Louisiana mentioned)

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Thursday, January 25th, 2007
7:11 pm - Sorry this was too funny to pass up I just had to post it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
1:21 pm - Hello all

Hi there, I have an announcement. I've been out of college for almost three years and really don't have the time to maintain or promote this community, plus I'm somewhat out of the college loop. I'm sure you've all noticed this. I've decided to turn over control of the community to someone else. Post a first-level reply to this entry if you are interested in the role. Others may comment on your reply and hopefully will give me an idea of whether or not you'd be a good choice.

In other news, I'd like to announce that my support for President in 2008 goes fully to Mitt Romney. I'll save the details for a seperate post.

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Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
9:24 am - Gerald Ford, 1913 - 2006

Rest in Peace, Gerald Ford.

Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr., the 38th President of the United States, and the only President to never have been elected.  He died at the age of 93 on December 26, 2006 at 6:45 p.m. PST in Rancho Mirage, California

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Monday, December 18th, 2006
9:49 pm - Hillary is Running for President

Hillary is now officially running for President (obviously). She is now moving to the Left over the war in Iraq in an attempt to get support from the Liberal Base of the Democratic Party by saying that 'if I knew then what I know now, I would not have voted for the war'. Here we have Hillary molding herself after 'I voted for it before I voted against it' John Kerry. She is the most calculating political figure of our day. Kerry tried to have it both ways now it seems Hillary wants to do the same to win over the wacky left in her party. I dont trust this woman, she's as crooked as a dog's 'hind legs. She tries to play herself off as a Moderate but I truly believe she has a radical left , even Socialist agenda. Universal Healthcare for everyone if I'm President! Kick the American economy to the curb! No more incentives to work! Let's all be lazy bums and leach off welfare and then we can be like our 'better' counterparts in Europe!

I'd vote against the war

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Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
6:01 pm

I see people saying how voters have seen the light by the win by the Dems. While that may be well and good I think the real reasons the same people who voted Republican for the past 14 years and specifically the last two election cycles either didn't vote at all or voted Dem for a couple reasons, none being that they saw the light:

Republican voters are tired of voting for candidates claiming to be Republican/conservatives and acting like liberals. I evidence this statement by the fact that over the past 6 years government spending has skyrocketed as well as expansion, especially in social programs, biggie being the Medicare part D fiasco and the education expansion with Bush and Teddy shaking hands for the cameras.

Instead of doing what Republican voters expect Republican politicians to do, namely: Decrease spending, cut taxes, decrease the size of government, they did nothing to expand our independance from foriegn oil (specifically by expanding out own production), clamp down on illegal immigration (on which they did nothing but throw money out there for a fence), and the list goes on.

So, in retaliation of not doing what those who voted for them expected them to do, they were punished. Plain, simple. You don't, at least, shouldn't, vote for someone just because they're the lesser evil as others have done on the other side. You either don't vote at all, or you turn, and stab them by voting for their opponent. Period.

Trust me that no Republican who did this is excited by the thought of Nanci Pelosi running anything, let alone the House. Nor do they look forward to tax cuts, that got this economy with all time record low unemployment at 4.4% and all time high stock indexes, being allowed to fade to oblivion. They don't look forward to endless petty investigation after investigation. They don't look forward to illegal immigrants being given legal status and anmesty as a fresh infusion of voters. They don't look forward to terrorists interested in murdering our citizens and bringing our country down being given constitutional rights and access to our legal system, which they most certainly do not deserve. They don't look forward to bigger increases in social spending that sends the poor these programs claim to serve ever deeper into despair, debt, and poverty (here's a grand idea, stop wasting billions a year on handouts and force those on the system to get an education of anykind, tradeschool, nail painting school, community college, ANYTHING, but FORCE them to do it if they want to get any medicaid/welfare money...support them with the handouts on top of free education, until there done, then they won't need it anymore. THAT will help the poor.) And the list of unpleasantness that is to come will just keep going, but you get the point. They didn't vote Dem or not at all because they wanted these things, but because they wanted to make a point to those who betrayed their vote. At least, that's my point of view.

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Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
7:38 pm - Volunteer with the Republican Party!

Hey all,

If you are in the Sarasota, FL area, the Republican Party of Florida would LOVE to have you walk door to door with us!

***More info behind the cut!Collapse )

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